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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Big data and data analytics win the game

Great blog post from Server Technology on big data and analytics. Read how sports are embracing technological innovation faster than Usain Bolt on an Olympic track...starting with American Football team the 49ers in Server Technology's hometown of Reno, Nevada http://feeds.feedburner.com/ServertechBlog

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Increase ROI with the industry leading Liebert APM

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tame the beast

Right-Click to download pictures. Emerson Network Power - Gamma Global
Right-Click to download pictures. Emerson Network Power - Gamma Global
Does your customer fully understand, and can they proactively monitor their power consumption of there IT equipment, down to the rack level?

Is the management of their rack PDUs centralised and can they predict power usage patterns and prevent capacity overload?

Avocent® Rack Power Manager tames your customers data centre with centralised monitoring and prediction of power consumption.

Download the whitepaper booklet 'Power Management in Data Centres, Made Easy' to see how you can help your customer tame their data centre beast.
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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Austin Hughes InfraSolution Introduction

IT Managers are facing additional legislation around access to data and the infrastructure that contains the hardware such as the racks.

They raise the question "Do we secure the room, the individual racks or both?"
InfraSolution from Austin Hughes can provide the answers to the following concerns -
Who can access the equipment?

When can they access?

How can I track usage?
What security measures can I provide for a contractor doing maintenance?

It is the responsibility of the IT Manager to not only manage this, but be able to provide reports for audit requests. Austin Hughes has developed a solution to cover these needs with a centralised IT access management solution for Datacentre rack cabinets.
Key Benefits

Cabinet Asset Security As information technology takes on increased importance, the protection of data and assets becomes ever more critical. InfraSolution provides secure physical layer card access or IP remote access released locking handle with centralised software for management. Only authorised employees can gain access and only as specified by the administrator to individual enclosures in specific time windows. All unauthorised access will immediately result in alarms being sent via e-mail or SNMP.
Reporting for Audit

Datacentre and Server Farm operation audits are a required industry standard for the protection of data and capital equipment. Corporate and Government entities need to ensure strict compliance of staff members to company policies to meet these requirements. InfraSolution provides a total reporting and audit platform right down to the rack level. This is achieved using detailed access logs and event occurrences.
Centralised Remote Management

InfraSolution Manager provides a simple graphic user interface (GUI) to centralise the management of a large number of Datacentre server cabinets in remote locations across Ethernet TCP/IP networks. The engine of InfraSolution is designed to provide intelligent secure physical layer card access that remotely releases cabinet locking handles as well as centralised management for control. When using the Infrabox 840 series, the InfraSolution Manager allows GUI remote management for intelligent PDUs and Fan Units.

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Austin Hughes Reseller Price List
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For your PDU's needs, why not check out the Austin Hughes Product Configurator Today

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Help your customers consolidate, reduce expense and increase operational efficiency within their datacentre

With Avocent® DSView™ 4
Would your customers benefit from consolidating their data enter management functionality into one single interface?

What if that solution enabled secure, out-of-band, centralised management of all connected IT and network devices in today’s often complex and geographically dispersed data centers?

Dramatically improving operational efficiency, dramatically reduced expenses and an aggregate view of all inventory in the organisation that can be remotely accessed and controled.

Does your customer already have DSView Software in place?
Read more about how to upgrade

Download the Product Data Sheet
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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

O.M.G it's the new U.M.G

Be the first to sell the new Avocent® Universal Management Gateway (UMG) from Emerson Network Power.

The first real multi functional DCIM appliance.

Future proof your DCIM Sale
The Avocent® Universal Management Gateway is the first data center appliance that enables true, real-time, integrated monitoring, access and control across IT and facilities systems in the data center.

Key benefits

Easy installation across various remote access technologies
Real-time information across IT and facilities
Comprehensive DCIM platform in a single pane of glass

Are you interested in demonstrating the new UMG? We're offering the UMG2000-400 at 60% off list for a demo unit*
Read more here
Download the Data Sheet

*Terms & Conditions Only one order per partner. Only one unit per partner. Offer not combinable with any other discount. Units are non returnable. Units are not for resale.
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Avocent is a Emerson Network Power Company

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Avocent Releases the ‘Big Four’ Software Updates

Collectively, these products provide a powerful suite of Control and Manageability solutions for Datacentres. Individually, they offer very specific benefits for managing existing Datacentres, their assets and power.

DSView 4 software is the next-generation of access and control, providing all the features of DSView 3 software along with a new open architecture database. The addition of VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V support enables the DSView software to consolidate multiple access consoles into a convenient “Single Pane of Glass”.

Rack Power Manager is the first Avocent product to provide a stand-alone power management and monitoring solution with enterprise capabilities. It enables users to remotely access and manage power consumption with deployments as large as 2500 intelligent PDUs.

Data Center Planner continues to add features pivotal to existing customers and prospects. With this release, the product enters into the monitoring world by actually collecting data from multiple sources and allowing an end user precise capability for visualizing, understanding and planning infrastructure capacities.

Aperture 650 revolutionizes data center management with advanced solutions for data center planning, management and performance optimization. It is the only enterprise-wide solution with the capabilities and tools to deliver all aspects of data center management to assist organizations with the challenges they face.

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